Ikpeme Neto on patient capital, closing gender funding gap

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For all its faults, Twitter is an incredibly useful tool for learning and discovering interesting people, and that’s where I found my guest for today’s episode of Equity Merchants.

Dr Ikpeme Neto is an internal medicine physician and the founder of WellaHealth, a Nigerian healthtech startup providing affordable healthcare coverage.

Being an entrepreneur may seem like a glamorous role today thanks to their portrayal in the media, but Neto had no plans of becoming one as he rounded up his training as a medical doctor. Yet, four years after graduation, he was setting up WellaHealth to solve a problem that he cared deeply about.

“I think if I’d projected my career when I was in medical school, if I projected it forwards, I would never have thought I’d start a business, and so it was kind of something that just happened because I wanted to solve a problem that was very personal to me and that I was passionate about.

“And it became obvious very quickly that starting a business…

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