We’ll soon be able to identify AI-generated images on Google Search

by Digital Brainiacs
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Google is introducing a new image search feature called “About this image”. It will allow users to check if an image is generated by AI, and where it first appeared online. This will enable Africans to independently fact-check the origin of AI-generated images.

In response to the increased ease of creating realistic fake images using artificial intelligence tools, Google is implementing a new feature in its image search to combat the spread of misinformation. This feature will aid in curbing the proliferation of misinformation through misleading AI-generated images, such as the popular photo of the Pope in a puffer jacket.

About this image in Google Image search can be used to identify ai images
Image source: Google

The upcoming feature, named ‘About this image‘, will provide users with additional contextual information about an image, including its indexing date on Google, its initial appearance, and its presence on other online platforms. The main purpose of this feature is to assist users in identifying the original source of an…

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