Nigeria’s Dojah launches new anti-fraud product for digital businesses

by Digital Brainiacs
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Nigerian startup Dojah, a leading provider of identity verification solutions for digital businesses onboarding African users, has launched EasyDetect, an advanced fraud detection tool that empowers businesses to identify and prevent fraudulent activities on their platforms. 

Y Combinator alumni Dojah is a leading provider of all-in-one identity verification solutions, helping African businesses to build smoother interactions with real users and allowing these users to access more services easily. Dojah’s verification tools transcend the whole customer journey – acquisition, activation, retention, continuous fraud monitoring, and customer level upgrade – all in one place. 

The startup offers verification services in over 10 African countries, and has now rolled out EasyDetect, which addresses the increasing need for African businesses to combat fraudulent activities such as fake accounts, attempted fraudulent orders, and payment loopholes. It provides advanced fraud detection and prevention…

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