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Professor Muhammad Yunus, the President of Grameen Foundation, has challenged Kenyan businesses and startups to leverage tech in alleviating the impact of Poverty, Food Insecurity, Climate change, Waste management, Insecurity among other issues afflicting the country.

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“Poverty is not created by poor people but by the systems we have in place, policies made and the legal frameworks created in the specific countries and in order to alleviate poverty the systems and policies have to be fixed, and tech is a major way to go about it,” he said.

Prof Yunus was speaking during a Hackathon event held in collaboration with Moringa School themed “Technology for Impactful Change The focus of the hackathon was to leverage on the power of collaboration and technology to develop home-grown impact-based solutions.

The award winning founder of Grameen Bank as a microcredit solution in Bangladesh, cited the economic movement he created, and which is credited for lifting millions…

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