Elon Musk, the Newly Announced Twitter CEO, Plans to Personally Oversee All Hiring Processes at Tesla : TechMoran

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Following the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as the new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk has stated his intention to dedicate more time to managing Tesla.

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The statement was not made lightly, as a recent report by The Information reveals that Mr Musk has already begun paying closer attention to the company. Specifically, he plans to personally review and approve all new hires at Tesla.

Elon Musk Imposes Strict Approval Process for Tesla Hires, According to The Information. In an email sent to Tesla employees, Elon Musk emphasized that no new hires would be made without his personal approval, extending the requirement even to contractors. To facilitate this process, Musk requested employees to submit a weekly list of hiring requests, urging executives to exercise caution before making submissions.

It is no secret that a significant portion of Musk’s personal wealth is tied to Tesla’s stocks.

As an early investor and the largest shareholder, his commitment to the company is…

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