Aki and Pawpaw Epic Run; Nigeria’s games industry 1st step to getting a chunk of that global revenue

by Digital Brainiacs
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This is the premise of Aki and Pawpaw. Two rascals are being chased to the end of the world by a villain behind the camera. At some point, they have to climb mountains. At another point, they are chasing the villain. And that’s easily all there is to it.

The new Aki and Pawpaw epic run game is like the many other endless running games that dominated Android and iOS at the beginning of the last decade when young Nigerians were trapped in an endless pool of running to take their minds off not having internet. Those who had not upgraded from Blackberry to the longer full touchscreen phones turned off their internet to conserve battery.

Those who had upgraded turned off their internet to conserve their internet. Then, like now, the internet was so expensive only a few could afford the luxury of leaving their mobile data on.

Nigerians had played Temple Run, fought with each other over Subway Suffers and wondered what Sonic Dash was about.

Now that the movie industry from the early…

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