Staying ahead of the e-commerce game: The future of payments discussed at Sentech Africa Tech Week conference 2023

by Digital Brainiacs
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The future of payments is becoming increasingly important in the digitised world, especially in Africa where e-commerce is experiencing explosive growth. To stay relevant and prepare for the e-commerce explosion, the Sentech Africa Tech Week Conference will take place in Cape Town from 2-5 May 2023. The conference will feature a panel of experts, including Alex Wörz, CEO of Mr D Food, Debbie Cunningham, Head of Digital Technologies at Shoprite X, and Lineshree Moodley, Country Head of South Africa for Visa, who will share insights into the future of payments. 

One key topic of discussion will be the impact of decentralised commerce and online retail on payments. As more businesses move online, traditional payment methods like cash and bank transfers are becoming less relevant. Instead, consumers are turning to digital wallets and mobile payments. To ensure businesses can accept a range of payment methods while protecting against fraud and security risks, entrepreneurs…

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