Pyypl rolls out its social, micro-investments platform for entrepreneurs and micro-SMEs in Africa : TechMoran

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Pyypl,a payment technology and financial services provider has rollout its social, micro-investment platform for self-employed entrepreneurs and micro-SMEs in Africa.

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The rollout is commencing via an initial partnership with Kenya’s Tuk Tuk Operators Network (“TTON”), a pan-African mobility network connecting Tuk Tuk operators across 47 counties. Pyypl’s platform will accelerate the digitalisation of these operators via Pyypl’s virtual debit cards, which will directly, and positively impact TTON’s growth.

The partnership will support TTON’s long-term vision of connecting three-wheeler players in Africa’s informal transport industry to a common socio-economic, sustainable, inclusive mobility platform under structured transport Savings and Credit Co-Operative Societies (SACCOs). SACCOs encourage saving and help members obtain affordable loans that otherwise might not have been accessible.

The partnership and rollout follow a significant thirteen months…

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