Shield raises $2.1 million funding

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Shield is an a16z-backed startup that wants to improve security in the Web3 and blockchain space. The startup analyses the security status of a Web3 project and determines its security level.

According to the startup’s Co-founder, Emmanuel Udotong, “What we do is certify the security standards of Web3 projects to help build more trust across the space, and help the end users understand what projects they can trust.”

Shield ranks these projects by their level of security so that customers who intend to use these projects or Web3 services know the project’s safety level.

On a call with Techpoint Africa, Emmanuel who founded the startup with his brother,  Isaiah Udotong, and Luis Carchi, gave an instance where a person needs a Web3 wallet, but does not know the most secure wallets on the market. With Sheild’s ranking, this information is available to the customer.

Founded in 2022, the startup which recently got into a16z’s Crypto Startup School accelerator wants to increase…

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