Mali: Army Base Attack Leaves At Least 9 Dead

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The targeted base housed Russian troops, believed to be of the Wagner mercenary group. Over 60 were also injured in the attack.

Multiple explosions targeted an airport and adjoining military base in central Mali on Saturday, killing at least 9 civilians and injuring over 60 others.

The base in the town of Sevare houses Russian troops, which Malian opponents say belong to the Wagner mercenary group.

“It is the Russian camp and their planes that have been targeted — the camp is near the airport,” a local elected official told the French AFP news agency.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack. But Malian jihadis are known to operate in the area.

This is the largest attack on the base this year, the Associated Press news agency said, though not the first.

Russian mercenaries in Mali

Mali is battling an Islamist insurgency that took root after a 2012 uprising and has since spread to neighboring countries, killing thousands and displacing millions across West Africa’s Sahel region.


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