Wondering what Squad by HabariPay does? We spoke with CTO, John Babawale about simplifying payments for Africans

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For most Africans, paying for goods or services was a strict cash affair. These days, the story is fast changing, thanks to the advent of technology and tech solutions like Squad springing up every now and then.

On the streets of Africa, the region with more than half its population unbanked, cash is still king, and most transactions involve the exchange of currency notes.

But this situation is gradually experiencing a turnaround, owing to a revolution in the continent’s digital payment landscape, which has since spurred key players to innovate and leverage their existing infrastructure to change the face of payments.

And with Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) providing an estimated 80 per cent of jobs across the continent, simplifying payments to support them becomes crucial. By 2025, Africa’s domestic e-payments market is expected to reach around $40 billion, according to a recent McKinsey report.

One of the solutions addressing the gap in payments on the continent is <a href="https://squadco.com/" target="_blank"…

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