What are ‘Proof of Work’ and ‘Proof of Stake’? feat. Jordan Muthemba

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Jordan Muthemba unpacks why consensus mechanisms are fundamental to enabling the function of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech and engendering user trust.

UNAJUA S12 EP2: What are 'Proof of Work' and 'Proof of Stake'? feat. Jordan Muthemba

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This is Part 2 of a three-part UNAJUA Series focused on what sets blockchains apart from each other. Seasoned Kenyan blockchain developer and Web3 enthusiast Jordan Muthemba shares insights on this series.

Jordan is a full-stack developer with over five years of experience in Kenya’s buzzy IT scene. He is currently serving as a smart contract developer and Web3 project advisor on a handful of projects for the likes of Canza Finance, SendVillage and Ubrica. He is also an active Celo Community educator and advocate.

In this podcast, Jordan…

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