Nigeria’s GoWagr launches to revolutionise way people make wagers

Nigeria’s GoWagr launches to revolutionise way people make wagers

Nigerian startup GoWagr has launched a platform designed to revolutionise the way people make wagers, eliminating common problems like fraud, especially when dealing with strangers online, or issues where people refuse to pay up after a wager has been won.

GoWagr users can easily make wagers with their friends, colleagues, community, or even strangers online with complete security and peace of mind. Funds are held in an escrow contract until parties decide to settle their wager based on the terms originally set.

The founding team started working on the GoWagr product in stealth in early-2022, and after months of careful development launched an MVP in February of this year using just Google Forms and Sheets for operations. 

“Our goal was to test the concept and experience of what we had been building in stealth, and we capitalised on the Nigerian general and gubernatorial elections to execute,” said co-founder Daniel Oladepo.

“Social wagering has been a popular activity for as long as people…

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