Identitypass exponential growth in 1 year

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The issue of identity theft, fraudulent transactions and poor cyber security is a topic that most companies in Africa would rather not talk about, as it adversely affects customer confidence. Cybercriminals are constantly finding ways to bye-pass KYC, necessitating the addition of an extra layer of security to onboarding processes and businesses process. 

For this week’s startup review, we look at a business that is on a mission to do something about this challenge. Identitypass is a verification and security API which helps businesses secure and verify the identity of their customers in order to help them to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Identitypass leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to block every possible path for cybercriminals, providing you with the security tools you need to protect your business and stay ahead of the overhead costs associated with AML fines and frauds.

Founding Identitypass

Founded in 2021 by Co-founders Lanre Ogungbe,…

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