How social commerce platform Peppa is making P2P transactions safer for Africans

How social commerce platform, Peppa is making P2P transactions safe

Peppa is looking to establish the safest way for customers to conduct business on social media as social commerce – using social media platforms to promote and sell goods and services – has made waves in Nigeria and Africa in recent years.

Social Commerce has substantially contributed to Africa’s status as one of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce marketplaces. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become marketplaces for business owners and their customers to transact and facilitate Peer-to-Peer trading. These social media platforms have also helped businesses and individuals increase their reach.

According to a Q1 2022 Social Commerce Survey, the social commerce industry in Africa and the Middle East was estimated to grow by 70.3% annually to reach $8bn in 2022. Data from Statista also revealed that sales through social media channels around the world are expected to almost triple by 2025.

However, 1 in every 2 users on social media platforms has been a victim of…

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