Apple might not allow sideloading on iPhones in the US, because why would it?

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Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority
  • According to a noted Apple analyst, iPhone sideloading might not be allowed in the United States.
  • Apple might lock sideloading to locations in which it is forced to do so by the government.
  • It’s also suggested that Apple could charge developers who want to allow sideloading of their apps.

Thanks to the Digital Markets Act in the European Union, Apple is going to need to allow the installation of apps on iPhones that don’t come from the App Store. This practice — known as sideloading — will open up a whole new world for iPhone users. Ever since the first iPhone in 2007, these users have only had the App Store as a source for apps (not counting jailbroken iPhones).

However, temper your expectations if you live in the US and are excited about iPhone sideloading. In a new interview with MacRumors, noted Apple analyst Mark Gurman suggests the US might not get this new accessibility.

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