Paxful vs Roqqu; a comparison of 2 African crypto exchanges 

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The cryptocurrency industry has grown immensely, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. This growth gave birth to the availability of more native crypto exchanges like Bitmama, Roqqu, Paxful, Quidax, Yellow Card, and so many more for Africans. 

Cryptocurrency trading apps are convenient for buying, selling and storing digital assets. Good crypto trading apps possess appealing, easy-to-navigate designs/interfaces and allow users to deposit crypto/fiat in various methods with little or no fee and withdraw similarly. Also, they allow traders to track prices in real-time, set real-time alerts, and do advanced charting to aid trading decisions for increased profitability.

However, with many options now available, users experience varying satisfaction levels as these crypto exchanges have their own peculiarities: pros and cons.

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