Nigeria’s SPLIQ DEFI launches to create more utility for NFTs

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Nigerian fintech company SPLIQ DEFI has launched a platform to create more utility for NFTs, in a bid to better integrate the technology into everyday life.

Launched in April 2022, SPLIQ DEFI also analyses volatility of crypto assets such as NFTs using live market data to determine the eligibility of a loan facility over a short period of time

“Being an avid user of blockchain products like NFTs we realised that the only way to leverage the value of assets is when we sell. This is a disservice to holders of certain assets that belong to communities that reward members over a certain period of time,” said founder Bankole Olayinka. 

“So we came up with the idea of short-term loans for said assets, where holders can get the instant liquidity needed and don’t get to lose their assets as long as they keep to loan terms.”

Upon further research into the idea and possible similar solutions, the team found out that some services already existed that provided that solution, but were restricted to a…

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