Is the “play-to-earn” trend over-hyped? feat. Kate Byrne

by Digital Brainiacs
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Kate Byrne explains how “play-to-earn” and other buzzy Web3 trends offer a glimpse at the unprecedented nature of internet engagement the future may bring.

UNAJUA S13 EP3: Is the "play-to-earn" trend over-hyped? feat. Kate Byrne

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In this UNAJUA episode, Kate Byrne parses through majorly-hyped trends like “play-to-earn” to pinpoint the true potential of the extraordinary new level of connectivity and engagement enabled by applied Web3 technologies.

This podcast is the third and final instalment of the three-part UNAJUA Series focused on distilling a handful of global Web3 buzz trends like crypto, NFTs, the metaverse and even AI— reflecting how they are unfolding within an African context.

Kate has served as a C-Suite executive leader at blue chip brands such as…

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