Blockchain offers an entry point for women entrepreneurs

My co-founder at African Tech Roundup, Andile Masuku, recently hosted a candid three-way podcast conversation with colleagues from his day job at Founders Factory Africa (FFA). He spoke with FFA’s head of venture sourcing, Hope Ditlhakanyane, and (now former) head of engineering, Nzwisisa Chidembo, about blockchain investments and venture building and how the space can potentially be leveraged to level the gender playing field in tech.

Despite the current turbulence in crypto markets, Hope is bullish on blockchain tech, providing an unprecedented means for women and other financially marginalised groups to participate more actively in global economic affairs.

In finding her way into the crypto space, however, the challenge has been keeping up with all the changes in a sector that sees numerous new coins and Web3 projects launch and gain apparent traction every day at a dizzying pace. She often asks herself, “I’m at work; how do I keep up?”

Getting into the Blockchain as an…

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