I use my Galaxy Watch in all the dumb ways

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Credit: Kris Carlon / Android Authority
Opinion post by
Aamir Siddiqui

If there are two constants in my life, they are a phone in my pocket and a watch on my wrist. So when I bought my first real smartwatch in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, I was pretty excited. After years of owning Mi Bands and other “smart” watches, I finally get to use a “real” smartwatch, one with an app store. Oh, the possibilities it will open!

But after using the Galaxy Watch 4 and then the Apple Watch Series 7 for the past two years, I realized I could have just as easily swapped either out in favor of a more basic smartwatch, and not be at any loss. In fact, I’d have saved a lot of money if I hadn’t been so impulsive with my purchases. Because despite owning some of the best smartwatches, I continued to use them all in the usual dumb ways.

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