These are my favorite Google Pixel Watch cases and bands

by Digital Brainiacs
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Nearly six months after the release of the Google Pixel Watch, the accessory ecosystem is catching up. While we only had a limited choice of stands, chargers, straps, bands, and cases at first, that’s no longer the case now. Both well-known brands and white-label companies have jumped on board and there’s a lot to pick from. I’ve been digging into the online accessory treasure trove to find some options that work for me and landed on four protective Pixel Watch cases and bands that I enjoy using for different reasons.

It’s worth noting, though, that I keep my Pixel Watch band/case-less about half the days that I’m wearing it. I really enjoy its smooth, curved, and obstruction-free design that slides into pockets and under long sleeves without snagging on anything. But I’m a very clumsy person, so there are situations when I know I need a bumper around the glass dome to avoid scratching or breaking it. This is when I resort to these bands and cases.

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