iPhone Flip: When will Apple get into the foldable iPhone game?

by Digital Brainiacs
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Foldable phones have existed for several years, but only a few companies have embraced the technology. Even worse, most foldable devices are only available in select markets like China. The only notable foldable phone options in the United States are Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip lines. But what about Apple? Should we eventually expect an iPhone flip phone or foldable? Rumors of a so-called iPhone Flip have existed for a while, but there are few concrete details about Apple’s plans.

Despite no official word from Apple, the term iPhone 14 Pro Max Flip has been trending hard recently. It’s pretty clear there is interest in an iPhone with a bendable display. Is there any evidence Apple is working on an iPhone flip or foldable device? Let’s dive in.

Is Apple currently working on an iPhone flip or foldable device?

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