Should you still buy a phone with a headphone jack in 2023?

by Digital Brainiacs
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Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

There was a time when plugging directly into headphone jacks was the only way to achieve on-the-go listening. However, the 2001 merger of Bluetooth technology with mobile phones changed audio consumerism forever. In the following years, reliable wireless connections and faster transfer speeds lead to the creation of consumer-friendly Bluetooth headphones. Another decade on, and Bluetooth technology reigns supreme over virtually the entire headphone market.

That’s not all, though. Wireless products now boast a melting pot of Bluetooth codecs to choose from to boost audio quality. SBC is currently the standard and is considered a relatively reliable backstop for all wireless connections. However, there are also proprietary codecs, such as aptX Lossless and OPPO ultra-resolution lossless codec (URLC), capable of transmitting lossless audio — previously the jurisdiction of wired headphones.

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