The best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome

Dark mode is pretty popular and occasionally helpful. It can reduce eye strain in low-light conditions for some folks. Plus, it just looks cool. We have a tutorial for Google Chrome’s native dark mode in case you want to try it. There is also an auto dark mode flag you can tick as well. However, many folks use extensions for this, as it can help darken websites that native dark mode doesn’t always work with. Plus, it’s easier to turn an extension on and off than it is to do it natively. Here are the best dark mode extensions for Chrome.

These extensions should also work on Microsoft Edge since Edge is Chromium-based and can use Google Chrome extensions. We tested the below ones briefly on Edge and they seemed to work okay.

The best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome

  1. Dark Reader
  2. Dark Theme & Night Shift Mode
  3. Midnight Lizard
  4. Night Eye
  5. Super Dark Mode

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