How to analyze app users' and game players' motivation - Business of Apps

How to analyze app users’ and game players’ motivation – Business of Apps

The importance of player and user analysis According to Gonzalo Fasanella, CMO of Tactile Games, a deep understanding of players’ motivators is one of the main reasons why Lily’s Garden occupies the Top 100 Grossing charts in the US with about $220k in revenues daily (according to Apptica). Gonzalo introduced focus groups into the creatives process to acquire insights that otherwise won’t be possible to mine from game analytics as he shared in the Deconstructor of Fun podcast.  In the digital space, marketers tend to rely on vague demographic data believing that Facebook will find the right people for them. No matter how great today’s algorithms of major ad networks are, it’s still absolutely the key to understand who are your players or users, what

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