How to remote control one Android device with another

How to remote control one Android device with another

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One of the hardest parts of helping your family members manage their devices is when you have to do it remotely. It’s much easier to sit down and take their devices in your hands, but it’s not always an option during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, here are a few ways to remotely control an Android device using another.

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Don’t forget — this is a power that you must use for good rather than evil. The goal is to help others rather than prank them with their own devices. Your best bet is to download an app, and these are some of our top picks.

How to remotely control one Android device with another:

Editor’s note: These are the best remote Android control apps available right now, but we will be sure to update this list as new apps come around.

TeamViewer Remote Control

Price: Free, full support with TeamViewer subscription

The Remote Control app from TeamViewer is one of the best ways to manage an Android device from afar. It’s a small part of a much larger ecosystem, and you can sign up for a paid plan if you need extra features. As it stands, the Remote Control app for Android offers intuitive gesture commands, two-way file sharing, and screen sharing across phones, computers, and tablets.

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Of course, you will have to download TeamViewer Quick Support on any device that you plan to manage, so be ready to jump into the larger ecosystem.

remote control android teamviewer

Credit: TeamViewer


Price: Free

RemoDroid is another great option if you need to control an Android device remotely, though the app is still in beta development. That means it may be buggy, and some features may not work quite right. However, it is plenty powerful enough and also offers options to connect to a PC.

If you do allow full remote control for RemoDroid, you will have to be ready to root your device. However, if you choose to connect to a streaming device, you will not have to root.

Google Pixel 5 Grey Back 3

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority


Price: Free, premium options available

AirDroid and its lighter sibling AirMirror are both good remote control options for Android. The full-fledged AirDroid app gives you better control over file sharing and notifications, while AirMirror gives you one-way audio and camera access. It’s a great pick if you want to turn a phone into a security device.

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The biggest limitation with AirDroid is that you can only use up to 200MB of data outside of your home Wi-Fi network without splurging for a premium plan.

remote control android airdroid

Credit: AirDroid

InkWire plus Assist

Price: Free, premium subscription available

InkWire plus Assist comes to us from the folks who created Vysor, which we named as one of our favorite apps to control an Android from a computer. This app allows you to tap into many of the same functions, controlling one Android phone with another. You can set yourself up as either the host or the assistant and then use your fingertips to guide your friend or family member through their Android-related issues.

If you need to go further than hand-drawn directions, InkWire plus Assist also packs a voice-chat functionality so you can explain each change you make.

OnePlus 9 Pro review showing phone

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority


Price: Free, premium options available

Our last remote control Android app is ApowerMirror from the team over at ApowerSoft. It’s one of the most comprehensive apps around, with options to mirror from Androids, iPhones, tablets, and PCs. You may have to spend some money on the more premium features, but the mirroring time itself is unlimited.

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If you want to take your control beyond your phone and head to a TV, you’ll have to download a special version of ApowerMirror.

remote control android apowermirror

Credit: ApowerMirror

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