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How To Write An Email That Converts

As powerful as emails are, there are emails that convert and there are those that do not convert.

The goal is to not look like spam but appear as someone that understands your customers’ needs and actually has value to offer to your audience.

Follow this guide to writing an effective and converting mail;

  1. Imagine receiving the email you’re writing. What would be your reaction if you got the email you are about to send?
  2. Write the way you would talk. Conversations are very powerful when trying to influence someone to make a decision. You can drop the official theme and make the recipient feel like they are in a conversation. Laugh at intervals, wink, use emojis and other ways to express emotions. People relate well with emotions.
  3. Write a clear and direct subject line. This is the first line of attraction. I would know if I want to read a mail from the subject.
  4. Start with an appropriate greeting (personalized emails are known to be more effective).
  5. Keep your messages short and concise. A long email can be a boring read and will discourage your audience from opening your email next time.
  6. Keep your closing simple and straightforward.
  7. Check for grammatical errors and misspellings. Little errors can put some people off. You can be interesting and still keep errors to the barest minimum.
  8. Timing. Many people are yet to understand the timing of emails. You cannot send your email to your audience at any time you feel like. You need to know when they would most likely read your mail.

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