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How To Stay Safe On The Internet

Did you know that the beautiful and amazing internet space can also be a very dangerous place?

The Internet connects billions of people together, bringing friends together, connecting people with jobs, helping people find their mates, bringing global news literally closer to our fingertips and so much more.

With all of its amazing possibilities, it is also possible to be scammed, defrauded, blackmailed, hacked or have your identity stolen on the internet. These terrible acts are carried out often times by unscrupulous fraudsters taking your vital information from the internet and then using them for their own evil agenda.

This has resulted in a lot more people being extra conscious and careful of the sites they visit, the information they give out, as well as other activities that take place on the internet. However, you may be able to avoid harmful sites, refuse to give out vital information or even give false information, just to conceal some things about yourself; they are not enough to prevent hackers from getting the information that they need to carry out their evil agenda.

Using your IP address, as well as other data storing microsystems such as cookies, hackers are able to tap into your device and get the information they need to execute their plans. They are also able to hack into some of the websites you visit regularly to copy your log file which stores your history on that website, as well as any form you might have filled.

So, how do you make sure your information is safe and cannot be accessed by hackers?

Incognito mode, also referred to as private browsing is a privacy option for personal computers (PCs) and mobile phones, which conceals the true identity of the internet user or sometimes, gives the user a fake identity without leaving a trace to the original user.

Browsing in incognito mode offers you protection when visiting sites that you do not want people to know you visited and when you do not want anyone to see what you have been doing on the internet. The incognito mode also does not save passwords, pins, credit cards, and other vital information. And as soon as you close the incognito mode, all your browsing history is erased from the internet with no trace.

If you largely access the internet via your mobile phone, you can take advantage of the Incognito feature on the Phoenix Browser. The Incognito or private mode has been set up to give you a truly anonymous status on the web. Nobody will know where you have been to.


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