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How To Choose A Good Title For Your Email

For many of us that use emails to reach out to clients or potential clients, you may find that you might not be converting as you would expect. And that could be because your recipients are not even opening your emails in the first place.

How would they know the amazing offers you have in store for them, when they don’t open your emails.

One of the major reasons for the low open rate for emails is actually the email subject. Can you remember the many emails that you skipped in your inbox just because the titles were not interesting to you? That is how it is with people generally.

If it is not interesting and catchy, it will be skipped. So imagine how many people have skipped your emails just because you did not put enough attention on your subject.

So, how do you choose a good email subject?

1. Research your audience. Know their interests, demographics, as much information as possible. Your subject has to be something they are interested in.

2. Write down a summary of your mail in a few sentences.

3. Pick out the important keywords in your summary.

4. Eliminate repetitive words or words that give too much explanation. The goal is to spur curiosity.

5. Keep it short (5 – 7 words is fine). 6. Imagine you are getting an email with that subject, would you open it?

7. Search for synonyms of your keywords

8. Try to make it as personalized as possible

9. Work with trends

10. Don’t trick people with your subject.

I hope this helps you in getting better results in your email marketing campaign.

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