Digital Trends: Focus On People, Not Technology

by Digital Brainiacs
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I was listening to a podcast recently that was focusing on digital marketing trends in 2020. What I found interesting was that after the whole talk on the technology trends we should expect this year in terms of SEO, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and so on, the speakers concluded that digital marketing is not really about the technical tools, algorithms, social media networks, and so on.

It is about the people.

If you are going to do well as a business in the digital media space, you need to focus more on the people you are selling to than on your tools.

You need to focus more on building a community of people who believe in you and the product or service you are selling.

The most important skill you will learn in digital marketing is not analytics or content development or email marketing.

The most important skill you should learn this year is understanding people, and understanding your target audience.

Seek ye first the ability to understand your target audience, and the other technical skills will simply be a plus.

By the way, all the digital technical skills actually revolve around people.

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