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There are a lot of ways to motivate yourself. You can use something like a to-do list app or a calendar app to stay on schedule. A lot of folks use goals and other motivations. Those aren’t your only options, either. Life RPGs are one of the most unique options in this space. It’s basically a to-do list app, but you earn experience points and level up as you do the things you are supposed to do. It kind of turns your life into a table top game. From there you take your mundane daily tasks like eating, brushing your teeth, exercising, etc and turn them into quests that you complete every day. It’s a bit silly, but for many it’s effective. Here are the best life RPG apps for Android.

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Do It Now

Price: Free / $2.49 per month / $18.99 per year / $45.99 once

Do It Now has a fairly basic UI, but it’s among the most customizable life RPG apps on the list. Your life basically plays out on a Dungeons & Dragons style character sheet. You get points for things like charisma, willpower, and stuff like that. From there, you can set yourself to learn any task and give yourself a specific reward for doing so. There is also a calendar function, reminders, organizational tools, and fancy stat charts. There is a subscription cost for extras like no ads, more themes, etc or you can pay $45.99 once. That’s really expensive, but at least you can avoid subscriptions and that’s a good thing.

Do It Now screenshot 2021

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Epic to-do list

Price: Free / $0.99

Epic to-do list is a simple, but effective life RPG. It functions mostly as a standard to-do list app. You create tasks, add reminders, and you can duplicate repetitive tasks like taking out the garbage. It also adds stuff like game currencies, player attributes, and various unlockable content like weapons and other items. There are also widgets along with some other goodies. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s definitely get you there in terms of functionality. It’s also a cheap, good option for people who like to keep things simple.

Epic to do list screenshot


Price: Free

EpicWin started life on iOS and the Android port is actually pretty good. It functions as a gamified to-do list so you don’t get the entire life RPG experience but there is enough there to enjoy. The stream-lined UI includes a full-featured to-do list with all of the usual features. Additionally, the game adds animated battles when you complete a task for extra engagement. This one is also entirely free to use with some advertising and that makes it great for life RPG enthusiasts on a budget. 


Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $47.99 per year / in-app purchases

Habatica is one of the most popular life RPG apps for mobile. It works on Android, iOS, and there is also a Chrome extension and a website as well. You can play and continue progress across any platform. This one includes most of the same stuff as the others, but this one also includes group activities. You can team up with friends and as long as everybody is doing their thing, everybody levels up. Plus, there’s a party chat. The game is rather in-depth and the extra social elements make it easy to invite friends. You can also get discounts on subscriptions if you join as a group.

Habatica screenshot 2021

Habit Hunter

Price: Free / $1.99

Habit Hunter (formerly Goal Hunter) has a little more RPG than most life RPGs. You get the usual stuff like to do lists and reminder. However, you also get a full map that you explore as you complete your daily tasks. You also gain XP, defeat monsters, and collect various treasures. The over-world map mechanic adds a bit more game than most so you feel like you’re actually playing a game instead of using a super fun RPG-style to do list. Plus, this one is cheap. The only downside is the simplicity, but it’s a newer app so give it time to grow and it should round out nicely.

Goal Hunter screenshot


Habit Streak

Price: Free / $2.49

Habit Streak is life gamification app, but it doesn’t have the same tone or experience as most others. You still put in tasks, add in repeated tasks, and try to do all of them every day. The big difference is the execution. This app puts all of your achievements into a streak and the goal is to continue the streak every day. It’s a much simpler premise than most other life RPG apps and it’s a neat way to go if you want to avoid the fantasy RPG elements in other apps. The free version seems to have a few issues according to reviewers, but the pro version fares much better. Try the free version first to make sure you like it.

Kingelf Habit RPG

Price: Free / Up to $2.99

Kingelf Habit RPG is another newer life RPG app with some neat extra features. This one has the usual task management stuff, but adds in a drag-and-drop mechanic to put stuff in the proper order. Additionally, the game adds two mini-games, task completion tracking, and a way to earn gems. Gems are useful for summoning heroes to help in mini-games and you can use them to unlock the premium version of the app over a period of time. It’s still new and the ads are a little annoying, but it’s also still coming together as a newer app.

Kingelf Habit RPG screenshot

Level Up Life

Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $19.99 per year

Level Up Life is another excellent life RPG with an old, text style, retro game look. It works and plays like most others in the genre at its core. Players put in real tasks, complete them, and then earn achievements as they play. Each level up unlocks increasingly difficult achievements to help you form better habits. You can cheat the system and get all of the achievements whenever you want, but if that’s what you set out to do, maybe this one isn’t the best idea for you. The game also has a social media style friend system so you can compete and compare with other players.

level up life best life rpgs


Price: Free / Up to $1.99

LifeRPG is another one of the more popular life RPG apps. It also works more or less the same as most of the others. You create tasks, level up, earn stuff, and perform daily duties as quests in the game. You can also add skills and organize your missions by a variety of priorities, including your energy level. What separates this one from the pack is its customization level and completeness. You can do basically whatever you want and view your stats as you do. However, it does take a bit of the fantasy elements out so you’re not collecting weapons or earning loot, just experience points. It’s among the best options for fans of minimalism.

LifeRPG screenshot


Price: $0.99

LifeUp is something a little bit different. Most of the apps on this list have fantasy elements. Fantasy elements are fun, but they can turn away people who want to play such a game but don’t want the whole Dungeons & Dragons vibe. LifeUp is for those people. You do tasks, level up, and get your habits in order. The app features the usual stuff like reminders, repeat tasks, and a task completion history. However, it wraps up everything in a simple Material Design UI that looks like a normal app. You can use your XP to gain strength in the app and doing tasks also earns you collectibles for your shelves. Finally, there is a community element as well. The app runs for $0.99 up front, but has no additional in-app purchases or ads.


If we missed any great life RPG apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android and game lists!

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